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Caregiver Retreat in Los Angeles June 11-13 2004

48 Hr - Caregiver Retreats
Retreat Dates for 2004

June 11-13, 2004. (Friday-Sunday)*
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The retreat program is created to provide support for caregivers caring for an older adult and their family members. In coordination with California Community Foundation, Los Angeles Caregiver Resource Center, and the Area Agency on Aging, We are able to provide time to Relax, Rejoice, and Reconnect.

Caregiving is a 24-hour, 7-day a week job that frequently leads to stress, isolation, poor health, and depression. Caregivers need respite to renew their minds and bodies. Take the opportunity to Relax*Rejoice*Reconnect with other caregivers in a peaceful, support environment.

48-Hour! Retreats will provide a holistic program of support and skill building for older caregivers caring for persons with dementia.
At the Retreat You will learn�
� Skills needed to enhance YOUR own health
� Skills to improve YOUR abilities as a Caregiver
� Leaving your environment 48-hours
� Reducing Your personal isolation through interactions with other caregivers
� Enhancing Your self-esteem through validating Your accomplishments and purpose
� Establishing value and availability of community resources
� Encouraging the use of community resources
� Providing stress management techniques
� Providing adaptive behavior management
Most Importantly,
You will meet other caregivers, make new friends, and have some time to take care of YOU! Take the time to Relax, Rejoice and Reconnect!

*Rancho Palos Verdes at the Mary and Joseph Retreat Center
Advanced Registration is required.
Contact information:
Patty Rivera, Program Coordinator, Ph: (213) 740-7363
Dr. Donna Benton, Director: (213) 740-5904
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