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Reply to "Caregiver Relationships"

Things have really been in a whirl since I last posted.
In September Dave took his wife to the emergency room with severe COPD exacerbation, she was immediately admitted to the hospital and the long process that Dave and his wife have grown so use to, started
.The last part of October Dave started having problems and was advised by his Doctor that he should have a pace maker and he needed it now. The process went well and Dave is doing good, but he can not lift anything more than 10 pounds.
The first of November the insurance company told Dave that his wife was not getting better and they did not expect her to. He was advised that they were going to release her and he needed to make some arrangements. Because of his pace maker surgery, he could not take care of her and the only choice was a nursing home.
With the help of her Doctor and Hospice she was moved to a nursing home. It seemed that she was making some progress and as soon as Dave could, with the help of Hospice, he took his wife home the day before Thanksgiving.
It was a wonderful time for her. All of the family and friends had time to spend with her and talk about a lot of things. I am sure she knew how sick she was and was using this time to say good-by to a lot of people. When she first got home she just wanted to set and look and enjoy all the things that she and Dave had gathered over their 48 years of marriage. She would say often� isn�t this wonderful� I am so happy to see my home again. Over the next three weeks she would use the word� wonderful� many times.
She passed from this earth December 16 in her sleep. Friends and family had been told what a difficult time copd could be, and we were all thankful that she passed away peacefully in her sleep. Hospice gets a gold star for the way she and the family were treated. We will all be forever grateful to Hospice.

With loving regard for all care givers

Sue and Dave