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Reply to "Caregiver Relationships"

Hi all

Just an up date to let you know how everything is going.

Dave's wife is very sick and has been in the hospital going on three weeks. The combination of COPD and diabetes is a difficult combination. The prednisone to help the breathing causes the blood sugars to spiral out of control.
Dave is spending a lot of time at the hospital and is just exhausted.
Hopefully we will see some improvement soon.
My husband is still in the nursing home and with all the inactivity is really being overwhelmed with weight gain, he is about 280 pounds now. Still no improvement in the use of his arm or leg.
Dave and I have a lot to cope with right now but we are hanging in. Sure is nice to have some one to lean on.
Hope everyone is doing OK and finding some peace and happiness.
More later.

Love to you all