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Reply to "Caregiver Relationships"

Thanks Sue, Gail and PrairieGal for your input, it is so helpful. We are just trying to find our way.

I talked to my children and explained what was going on in my life. My daughter was very
happy, understanding and supportive of the new relationship in my life. My son who lives about an hour away, divorced and no
children, had some reservations. Among other
things, he was concerned that his father would find out and be hurt. We had some sharp
words and I advised him I was not asking for his permission but was giving him
information.. We ended the phone call on a very cold note. I expect his sister will talk to
him and he will think it over and be OK. I will let you know.
My friend(Dave) talked to his daughter. She, like my daughter was very happy and
supportive. He has not talked to his son yet, but expects him to be very supportive.
We expect the kids to have conversations with each other, they grew up together. We
expect good things to come out of those conversations.

It is so wonderful to have some one to work through difficult situations with. It has been a
long time since I have felt this connected with anyone.
Thanks for your support. More later.

Comments please.

Caregivers trying to cope