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Caregiver Relationships

If a woman in her 60's has a husband in a nursing home with no chance of getting out. She took
care of him and worked and financially supported then for seven years after his stroke and
before he went to the nursing home. Now for the first time in a long time she has some time for
herself. She has
renewed a 35 year friendship with a man that is in a caregiver role for his wife. They have
coffee,breakfast,go out for an occasional glass of wine and long talks on the patio, no sex yet.
They enjoy each other and the relationship has added joy and happiness to both of their lives.
This relationship has in no way changed the care or concern for their spouses. If things were
different, they would like to be together as a couple.
Who if anybody should be unhappy about this relationship.

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Caregivers trying to cope
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