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Reply to "Ask and you shall receive~"

Hi Alison,
Welcome back. How was your trip?
Well the siblings are at it again. Of course the excuses are starting. Including my mother~ ugh. (Gail, you were right, again)
At first I requested 1 week between the oldest and the youngest. One can't have him in July, too much going on, and the other at first said a week or more, and now it is just the week her eldest (32) is going on vacation in July. She said she will not make them leave their rooms. Can you imagine? I decided that I have 5 members of this family, and why can't we just take turns, rather than have the load all the time? Mom is carrying on about how he cannot go home...period. It is just unbelievable BS.
So, I am bringing him to my sisters the beginning of July, and from there, THEY can figure it all out.
How are you doing Alison?