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Reply to "Anyone ever notice...."

hey . . sorry to not read all the posts I have lol 8! minutes left on the library computer and want to say amen! to what I see ! if I exit abrubtly the computer kicked me off xoooooooooooooxxx

I have the same 'problem' why do I not keep up the house or flip the mattress or why are you so tired . .

when my husband works nonstop out of the house and I don't have a 'real job' .. .but I do . .. . selling or tyring to sell hand made scarves . ..

since I'm at home so many justs ok got the wrap it up signal . .

so . .. . AMEN! and if you can't sweep or whatever ... so what . . . that's how I feel anyway . . . . want an ice cream?

What flavour?

I'll try to take care of myself if you do!