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Reply to "Anyone ever notice...."

Hi, and good morning, and I sit here absolutely 'clueless' as to why I clicked on this forum this morning. My MO is going to 'care for the elderly.' Guess, I really had the guidance of a higher power today.

I so, so can relate to what everyone is saying here!!!!!!!!!!! Susan Spotless, I am NOT!!!! And I have to so agree, even when you know why things don't get done.... the clutter, the mess, the chores left undone...can so become a 'mental issue' within.

I spent most of my yesterday, just flat out depressed. And even tho' I had no pressing caregiving issues to address, it was far more than I could do, to actually tackle the clutter that exists. I sat and looked at it all, and could not even select a 'starting point.' Gad, how silly is that????

Within, I can say to myself, and fully understand, just 'how' all of this crazy mess came into existance. But how do you explain that to someone else? They simply have NOT walked a mile in your moccasins. And am willing to bet, that in 99% of the cases they don't want to 'walk this mile.' Surely not alone, as many of us do, nor even join you as company. That is, as in, help out.

I keep telling myself that 'One hundred years from now, who will even know, let alone care, what I had to leave undone.' I have to remain true to myself, and tackle the caregiving issues first. I have to put 'love and caring' first. And somehow 'brush the rest under the carpet, along with the crumbs of a sandwich eaten on the run.' ;-)

It is so doggone hard to just 'let go,' do what is most important, and ignore those things that matter not at all in the bigger picture. I reflect on this past week, what did I accomplish------surely nothing in the way of 'doing' in this house. Nope, in the extra time that I had, I made 6 visits out with my therapy dog. The reward: Brutus and I touched the lives of many, offering a bright spot in their lives. That is what made me feel good. We shared with others. And in turn, gave me the fortitude to proceed with my ongoing caregiving issues for my mom.

So what if another batch of 'dust bunnies hatched' while we were gone spreading good cheer, or doing for a loved one? Guess I am trying to say, that as a caregiver, we have to acknowledge what is important, and let the rest go.

It's 'the letting go' that can be so difficult to accomplish. Guess that is sort of saying, 'take care of the caregiver.'

Take care of you---------do what, in your heart, you know is important. In rereading, not sure that I really addressed the issue here, but just sort of 'my feelings' about what goes on in my caregiving life. And how I deal.

My love and blessings to one and all,
Nanc ;-)

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