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Reply to "Adult diapers"

I am sorry that you & your husband have to go thru this.

My Father went thru the same thing. The positive thing is when his stools became solid - he was able to make it to the tiolet on time - so his was more an on and off thing.

For him - and loose stools what seemed to have worked the best is the kind that I ordered from the medical supply store - that supplied his hospital bed and other medical supplies. I do NOT remember the name of them - but the were blue and had tabs - it just looked like a very large blue baby diaper.

The other thing that I liked is the most towelettes to clean up - that seemed to work very well - as well as pro-shield. I know with having stools against your skin for any amount of time - especially for someone who has trouble being mobile - you are at higher risk for bedsores. Pro-shield worked wonders for him.

My Mother uses depends - but she refuses to put the "belt" on - so anytime she has an accident is is EVERYWHERE - down her legs on the floor ect. So my experience with depends have NOT been good - however it she would agree to use them properly they could be good as well.

Good luck.