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Reply to "a new chapter......a new life...."


seems as if we are both up in these early wee hours of the morning...Can you elaborate on non medical homecare... and what's the web site as I was involved with some New Jersey programs...speaking etc that you might want to connect with...

My sense is that while you are struggling, perhaps you might leave yourself open to something more persoanal and healing for yourself to do.. something that nurtures your soul and has nothing to do with nursing, caregiving and the elderly.. by all means continue with this as work... but you need something to nurture your own little kid inside.. another spiritual gift you have that you have not yet discovered... let your little girl out to play and have fun... to celebrate life...

it is truly a time to no longer identify with what your parents ideas for you were in the past... letting go of their conditioned beliefs instilled from within is a part of this healing time for you... its an opportunity to explore new concepts and ideas way beyond any of the caregiving...I just can't say it any different.. even with children.. it's about discovering who you are you are more than a daughter.. a wife... a mother... you are Robin...

you might want to listen to these three 20 minute tapes by Katie Byron... they have helped millions...

I think you may open to some new concepts through listening to them..

richest blessings and 2 life