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Reply to "a new chapter......a new life...."

Ola mi amiga.......
Well, working on my life after caregiving, I suppose is a honest answer. Since returning to the US in October, losing my mom on my birthday, I have not been able to find work. I started my own non-medical homecare business, have a website also, and been trying to speak at various Retirement Villages and Fairs. I live in Retirement haven. (heaven)
I also, to fill the void, been volunteering in a local nursing home, but havent done too much of that lately.
My son took a year off after HS and now he has just started University in PA. A school that I was to attend after HS but parents had different ideas for me. Financially we are struggling here, fingers crossed a job will come soon.
One day at a time, still trying to find my truest and deepest happiness. Life is a journey not a destination.
Hugs dear friend, and best of luck and happiness in your new home.

Besito (kisses)