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a belated in memoriam

Hi everyone..
Hope you all are doing well in our winter season..I'm going to try and catch up here over the weekend if my computer cooperates..
have had my husbands old computer rebuilt with lots of ram and lots of HD and it's even a dual boot(my software for work isn't xp compatible)and..voila..ever since I've been trying to use it I've been maliciously hacked every turn I xp won't even stay running..God only knows why people take it upon themselves to ruin the internet for others..

Anyways I missed posting in October that it's been 6 years since I'd lost my mother..seems like yesterday really..I still think about her daily and of course miss her very much but I am able to cherish my memories more than become upset with them..time does heal in some respects/aspects..
I am really missing my dad with the upcoming Christmas season I've noticed..didn't so much last year but now I think it's really sunk taking it one day at a time which is about all you can do when getting over grief..
We miss and love you Mom, Dad, and Father in Law..
Gary and Mary-Ann
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