What Do You Consider Your Greatest Accomplishment As A Caregiver So Far?

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I think my greatest accomplishmet was following my heart. When mom was in the convalescent hospital and mentally going down hill fast I just felt like if we could get her out of there & back into a home environment maybe she would improve. At first her sons & daughter were all against me trying to do this. Yet day by day as she deteriorated more they began to come around. Finally they were in agreement to let me give it a try. It turned out to be the absolute best thing we could have done for her. Within 48 hours the mental confusion she had been suffering from pretty much lifted. It was like we had our mother back again. Having mom home is going well.
Though I am no longer cargiving for Dorothy, I feel my greatest accomplishment is that I gave her extra years to live in a home environment instead of an institutional one. My greatest accomplishment was advocating for that and having the happiest years of my life with a gentle, loving woman. I can not mention my greatest accomplishment without mentioning Dorothy's...her courage in fighting this disease and remaining faithful to her God.
Hi Melissa,

Yes Dorothy's accomplishments have been major, yet I think what you have done is absolutely remarkable and truly a blessing for Dorothy...And most recently going before your Superiors and fighting for Dorothy and her treatment and care is an undertaking many would have had difficulty in doing...and you did it.. You really are doing remarkable things...it's just that we tend to feel helpless and dimminish all that we are doing, unfortunately there are many things we just do not have control over, and we must surrender and let go for the Higher Power and the Universe to take charge....

Blessings angel

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